A9 | Wireless Meeting Room Solution

Cut the cables. AirStream it!

AirStream is a one-click solution for meetings, conferences and boardrooms to make wireless presentations from any device directly on the main screen. All you need is an AirStream to stream your content effortlessly. Now cut the cables of your meeting room and just AirStream It.

Plug & Play
No messy cables
Go Wireless
No technical set-up
Easy to use
No software installation
Instant screen-sharing
Empowers Everyone

Struggling with complicated connectivity cables or facing limitations with wireless connectivity during your meetings? It’s time to change the way you make presentations. Now, every member in the room can instantly AirStream & present information wirelessly, from any device without any stress, making your meetings easy, collaborative and effective.

Connect the AirStream to your laptop’s USB port, tap and take over the screen

The simplest way to wirelessly display on big screens
Laptop | Tablet | Smartphone
Present wirelessly from your
Laptop or PC with ease

Instantly share your laptop or PC screen on the TV. Present smartly, without any limitations using the Windows or Mac App. Mac users can also AirPlay.

Simply stream from your
mobile devices with the app

Use the AirStream app on your Android devices to mirror or annotate. iOS users can AirPlay directly on AirStream.

Mirror mobile devices
directly to TV

Present any content on the big screen, make annotations and share screens with your team

Mirror TV
directly on mobile devices

Annotate and interact with any content displayed on TV directly from your mobile devices and share screens with your team

Use mobiles devices
as remote

Easily control anything on the TV from anywhere in the room

How To Connect


the AirStream to your laptop


on AirStream to start streaming


your screen on the display
Multiple Connections For Collaboration
Connects upto 8 devices simultaneously
Customise your display
Multi-Os Compatibility

Go Wireless
For Business

A perfect solution that offers wireless capabilities to your meetings, conferences and trainings

For Education

A smart wireless technology inspiring interactive learning solutions for classrooms and lecture halls

Choose the Right AirStream Device
Rs. 75,000/-
Rs. 55,000/-
Rs. 63,000 /-
Rs. 45,000/-
Rs. 33,500 /-
Rs. 19,500/-
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